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When you connect to your inner joy, your light shines in the world!

Would you like to share your unique gifts with others but you feel ‘you are not good enough’?

Do you sense the best version of yourself is yet to come but you don’t know where to start to make changes?

You are not alone!

We can work together so that you can: 

  • Let go of any emotional layers that are hiding your true self
  • Uncover your unique gifts and share them with confidence
  • Feel comfortable and at peace with who you are
  • Welcome the Love and Abundance of the Divine Feminine into your life
  • Connect with like-minded women in a supportive and inspiring community

Coming up

We’ll be gathering online in a safe space to support, inspire and nurture one another as we let go of layers of limiting beliefs and emotions which could be holding us back.
I will be running an Optimal Emotional Freedom Technique (OEFT) group session. It will allow us to identify the root cause of our issues and let go of limiting beliefs by connecting to the source of unconditional Love within which brings ultimate peace and resolution.
This technique is very effective when practised individually, but when used in a group its power is magnified.

One-to-one sessions


We will go on a gentle and deep journey to help you identify and transform any negative patterns and beliefs that might be getting in the way of expressing who you truly are.

We will be using a combination of tools to suit your needs.

How I can help you

Women's monthly circles


 You don’t have to do it all alone! We will meet to support, inspire and nurture one another in a safe environment. You will benefit from the power of group intention and sense of belonging as we walk hand-in-hand as a tribe. 

We will celebrate with dance, creativity and joy! 

Techniques and Tools offered 

Kriya Yoga Breathing Meditation

Use the power of breath to help you go within and awaken to yourself. Learn a simple breathing technique which will help you quieten the mind and connect to your inner peace and wisdom.

Optimal EFT / EFT Tapping

Following some simple steps, Emotional Freedom Techniques will help you identify and resolve the root cause of the issue you would like to address (physical or emotional). With the help of “The Unseen Therapist” (Source of Unconditional Love), we will address negative emotions and beliefs that are holding you back. In the light of Her Love, you will experience great insight, peace and deep healing.

Womb Blessing®

This healing system has been designed specifically for women by Miranda Gray. It will help you reconnect with the Love of Divine Mother and the treasures of your own femininity.


Ovarian Breathing, Female Alchemy

This is a system of breathing meditation and movement which can help you reconnect to your femininity, heal past wounds and find balance in yourself. 


Enjoy the healing benefits of this energy technique which will rebalance your energies and open your spiritual awareness. You can experience these benefits from the gentle touch of the therapist as you lie down or you can learn how to use it for yourself and others. 

I have found the Women’s Circle group sessions to be a warm and calming environment. Virginia is a very caring therapist, always sensitive to the feelings of the people that she is working with.

OEFT has certainly helped me, both physically and mentally, giving me an in depth knowledge of who I really am.  Returning to past emotional events and altering our reactions to them is a totally empowering experience.

Virginia’s understanding and creativity with the OEFT process is inspiring and I recommend her leadership wholeheartedly.


East Yorkshire, UK

I had the opportunity to experience an Optimal EFT session led by Virginia. From my point of view, it is a very useful tool that helps you identify past fears, sadness, mistakes and resolve them with “The Unseen Therapist”. Performing this healing in a group was very powerful for me because my inner strength to forgive, let go, move forward, was enhanced with the love, light and each individual process of the group members with whom I had the opportunity to interact. Sharing, discussing with others and the sum of our personal efforts made me feel light, with an unusual and liberating sense of calm that crossed every part of my body. My spirit was lifted and my heart was healed and happy. Just words of thanks to Virginia and the group that accompanied me on this journey of love. A million thanks!!


Mendoza, Argentina

I was new to OEFT and curious as to how the technique could work remotely in a group. My personal experience was very emotive, as I was so focussed on sending the group my love, I hadn’t really felt any shift in the first instance. As we repeated the exercise, I had a powerful visualisation of my my childhood memory which I had “put on the table” where all I felt was pure love and pride for my younger self.

Alongside this came a deeper understanding of the connection to shame that I have felt for all these years, that shame was not mine to carry.

I have always known the theory that these emotions weren’t mine to carry, but I have never had such a clear and practical experience of shifting the trauma of such a painful experience. It was so quick, easy and supportive in such a safe and loving space held by Virginia, just what I needed.

A few days on and I can still feel the power of the experience “working” and reverberating with other similar experiences. I am excited to continue with this practice.

Bristol, UK

I would like to recommend Virginia’s womens circle… after meeting Virginia you will understand why. Her beautiful soul shines through and her compassion and love under pins it. The benefit is to connect with other women in the group. Every women listened saw me and understood. You will feel safe and free to express yourself and your emotions in Virginia’s group. Virginia will help you gain confidence giving you strategies to dissolve old negative beliefs that can be transformational.

Hartlepool, UK

Such an insightful, beautiful evening in a safe environment. Vir was so attentive and supportive, and held the space with love and compassion. A fulfilling, enjoyable and uplifting session. Vir’s warmth and positive energy is infectious and a pleasure to be around.


Thame, UK

Virginia is a wonderful, gifted therapist with a great connection to the Divine. Throughout our Optimal OEFT sessions I always felt safe, and looked after and her insights were always very accurate. Thanks to her abilities in channeling the Unseen Therapist I made great progress in healing my various past traumas and freeing myself from past emotional baggage. Thank you so much Virginia for all your wonderful work!


Oxford, UK

I’ve been taking part in Womb Blessings for almost a year now. I’ve participated in Virginia’s groups virtually and face-to-face as well. My experience in these women circles has been the most enriching. Sharing with other women and with my daughter in particular has been healing in a sense no other activity or gathering has ever been. I’ve learned that women can and must reunite and support each other, that we’re not competing with each other, but we’re rather “sisters” and that we’re holding each other’s backs from our ancestors until now. I’ve learned to appreciate my nature and my body, too. It’s all been a wonderful journey and Virginia’s company has been the most supportive.


Mendoza, Argentina

Virginia  is an amazing therapist who provides a very safe space to explore issues that you would like to heal from. I have been a client of hers so have experienced OEFT first hand. It seems, on the face of it, a simple therapy however the effects can be profound. This is due I think to the non judgmental, compassionate, gentle and sensitive approach of Virginia. She is insightful and intuitive and after each session I have learnt something about myself which is both healing and very freeing. I consider myself privileged and blessed to have found a therapist with such integrity and expertise.


Cornwall, UK

About me

Despite my original tendencies ‘to hide’ and ‘play small’, something strong within myself would push me to make the next step. In 2015, I experienced a life-threatening illness which took me deep into myself and gave me the urgency to express my vision without fear.

My journey has been about learning to appreciate my own value so that I could feel ‘good enough’ to share my gifts with the world. It did not happen overnight and the journey continues!

Over the years, I’ve learned a variety of powerful tools which have helped me quieten my limiting beliefs and connect to my own light.

My purpose is now to support other women in their journeys to tap into their inner strength and joy so that they can shine their unique qualities brightly in the world.

‘Shine Your Joy’ is a supportive and nurturing space where we come together to connect to pure love, benefit from the power of joint intention and heal by shedding our layers of emotional barriers to happiness.

I grew up in Mendoza, Argentina, where I trained as a language teacher. I then moved to the UK and taught Spanish for 20 years in pararell to my spiritual and self-development training. In 2020, I co-hosted ‘Mindful Joy Online Summit’ and reached 74 countries with a message of inner Peace and Joy.

I have qualified as an EFT Practitioner (and am a student of Gary Craig’s latest spiritual development: Optimal EFT), Reiki Master, Moon Mother®, Kriya Yoga Teacher, Cycle Companion and Teacher of Ovarian Breathing, Female Alchemy.

Virginia Castel-Srivastava