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Women's Circles

Benefit from the beautiful experience of healing in a tribe!

Upcoming event

We’ll be gathering online in a safe space to support, inspire and nurture one another as we let go of layers of limiting beliefs and emotions which could be holding us back.

I will be running an Optimal Emotional Freedom Technique (OEFT) group session. It will allow us to identify the root cause of our issues and connect to the source of unconditional Love within which brings ultimate peace and resolution.

This technique is very effective when practised individually, but when used in a group its power is magnified.

This is how we’ll spend our time together:

  • Guided visualization to help us feel centred and open to giving and receiving love
  • Getting to know each other
  • Working on a particular theme such as a limiting belief or intention we’d like to work on
  • Sharing our experiences (only if you’d like to!)
  • Celebrating!
When do we meet?

We’ll meet once a month. Please get in touch to check date and time. 

What is a women’s circle?

It’s a sacred and intimate space where we can feel safe to open up and experience the love and support of like-minded women. It allows us to see ourselves with more clarity as we notice one another’s beauty.

What do I have to bring?


Will I have to talk?

Not unless you would like to! You are welcome to join us, benefit from the energy of the group and only share as much as you feel ready to

How much does it cost?

£ 15 (one-off)
£ 75 (six-month membership)

For Argentina:
ARG $1500 (one-off)
ARG $ 7500 (six-month membership)

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